Call or text

  • Text QUITNOW to 654321

    Receive quit tips direct to your cell.

    How does the text service work?

    It's a FREE 3 month mobile texting service designed for people who are trying to quit smoking. Advice and tips to help you quit are tailored to your quit date.

    Text QUITNOW to 654321 and you'll be prompted to text back your quit date before your messages begin.

    Text STOP to 654321 to stop receiving messages at any time.

    Text CHANGE to 654321 if you want to set a new quit date.

    Have questions or feedback? Please contact us at

    Note: This service is available at no cost to you, but standard message and data rates may apply, including global roaming charges if you travel outside the country. Check with your mobile provider.

    How many text messages will I receive?

    It's a 3 month program, and you'll receive messages tailored to your quit date.

    Before your quit date:  you will receive up to 2 messages per day up to two weeks prior to your quit date to help you prepare (up to 22 messages).

    During the first month of your quit: you'll get about 2 messages per day for the first three weeks of your quit and 1 message per day for the fourth week of your quit (up to 60 messages).

    After one month of your quit: you'll receive 2 messages per week for two months to help you avoid slips and stay on track (up to 16 messages).

    What if I need extra support to get me through the day?

    Send us a text for on-demand messages whenever you need an extra boost. Text the following keywords any time to 654321:

    Text STOP at any time to stop receiving messages.

    Need more help? Call our free phone support service at 1-877-455-2233 for help from a trained quit coach.

    What if I'm having technical problems?

    If you are having problems with the program, like not getting your text messages - or if you have feedback to improve the service, please contact us at:

  • Talk to a Quit Coach

    For confidential advice to help you quit.

    Call 1.877.455.2233 Toll-Free to get help when you're ready. Coaches can help you with a personalized quit plan and coping strategies to deal with cravings. Any info discussed is completely confidential.

    What to expect when you call:

    The service is open 24/7. Quit coaches are available from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and their assistants are available during their off hours and weekends.

    When you first speak with a quit coach assistant, they'll take your contact information and a brief smoking history. Next, if you're ready to set a quit date, you'll be scheduled for your first of 5 call backs with a quit coach. Here's what to expect:

    Call #1:

    • A quit coach will assess your readiness to quit, help you pick a quit date, and help establish a quit plan that includes tips and tools to get you ready.
    • You will also discuss whether nicotine patches, gum or prescription medications would work for you.

    Call #2:

    • You'll get a call about 2 days before your quit date to review your quit plan and identify some difficult situations that might trip you up.
    • You'll discuss your feelings about your quit date, and reinforce your decision to quit on your chosen date.

    Call #3:

    • Quit Day! Your quit coach will call you to see how you're doing and if your quitting medications are working (if you are using them).
    • You'll review quitting tips and ways to deal with tough situations.

    Call #4:

    • A few days after your quit date, your coach will call to check on your progress, review the challenges, and reinforce your reasons for quitting. 
    • Your coach will help you with new coping strategies and help you get back on track if you’ve had a slip.

    Call #5:

    • After one week, you'll receive your final call to see how you are doing, provide support and help you plan for staying quit.
    • While this is your final scheduled call, your quit coach will invite you to call back at any time if you experience any difficulties.
    • Don't feel bad if you have a slip - quitting is a process, and our coaches will help you get back on track.